Office: (001) 212 998 8422
Mailing Address Professor James W. Canary Department of Chemistry New York University 100 Washington Square East New York, NY 10013
Lab Location Centrally located in Greenwich Village, the lab can be easily reached by subway from anywhere in the city.

Current Members

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Left to Right: Xuefie, Shiyu, Chufan, Dr. Canary, Thanuka and Vidya



Thanuka Udumulla (TK)

Graduate Student

Thanuka is a 6th year PhD student, who did his undergrads at Ramapo College of New Jersey.

Research: Reconfigurable chiral catalyst for stereoblock polymer synthesis with lacide and mandelide.

His hobbies include basketball, traveling, movies and video games. He is well known for his propensity to try to make thing efficient.

Xuefei Luo

Graduate Student

Xuefei is a 5th year PhD student, who did her undergrad at Nanjing Agricultural University, China.

Research: Synthesis of catalyst for the ring opening polymerization of lac-OCA(lactic Acid-O-Carboxyanhydride) into poly-lactic acid.

Her hobbies include swimming, playing the piano and watching movies. You can catch her in the lab working on reactions listening to classical music.

Chufan Yang

Graduate Student

Chufan is a 4th year PhD student who did his undergrad and master's from Nanjing University, China.

Research: DNA-enabled hierarchical assembly of graphene electronics.


Vidya Singh

Graduate Student

Vidya is a 2nd year PhD student who did her Integrated M.Sc. from Center for Basic Sciences, PtRSU, India.

Research: Alignment of Carbon Nanotubes in Pyrene modified 3-D DNA lattice.

She loves to read books and cook delicious meals. When not in lab, you can find her exploring new restaurents with her friends in New York City.