Office: (001) 212 998 8422
Mailing Address Professor James W. Canary Department of Chemistry New York University 100 Washington Square East New York, NY 10013
Lab Location Centrally located in Greenwich Village, the lab can be easily reached by subway from anywhere in the city.

Research in NYC

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New York University is in the heart of Manhattan at Washington Square park; one of the most visited and lively places in NYC. From the smooth jazz during the summer to the melodies of Christmas carols during the winter, the atmosphere around the Chemistry Department’s location is as upbeat and as New York as it can get. NYC make NYU not just a great place to do science, but a great place to live and enjoy. Cuisine from around the world, Broadway theaters, world class museums and art galleries, all infuse to make Manhattan a great cultural hub that will never cease to amaze. Even though it is known to be an expensive city, the generous PhD stipend and the teaching salary provide more than enough financial stability to experience the best of the city while supporting yourselves without a worry. The rich scientific and financial sphere of the city allows the aspiring scientists the opportunity to learn about new fields and intermingle with prospects while pursing outstanding research.

Any questions about life of a researcher at NYU in NYC, please reach out to us. Our group members will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.