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Reconfigurable Chiral Catalyst

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Dec 26, 2019 Posted by: canaryresearchlab Research

Recent interest in reconfigurable materials with responsive electrical, optical, magnetic, mechanical and other properties has led to many exciting studies of molecular switches. The Canary lab focuses on reconfigurable chiral catalysts and has developed a redox-reconfigurable copper complex catalyst derived from L-methionine and urea groups. This catalyst adopts two pseudo-enantiomeric helically chiral states able to invert upon oxidation/reduction of the copper center and produces enantiomeric products. Enantiomeric excess up to 72% (S) and 70% (R) was obtained when the catalyst was applied to a Michael addition reaction. Encouraged by the chiral discrimination of the redox configurable catalyst, the dynamic aspect of the system, the lab is currently studying applications that may benefit from real-time switching in reactions where more than one stereocenter is formed.

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